Sales Security Systems

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From order to delivery, businesses can reach their customers at the right time and under the right conditions

            The management of all sales operations, from order to delivery, to enable customers to reach their customers at the right time and under the right conditions, is provided with solutions for the sales and marketing departments of the program.

  • Defining special sales prices in Turkish Lira and foreign currency by customer and product groups     
  • Define different discounts and VAT rates for each product and customer      
  • Create an unlimited number of price lists in Turkish Lira or foreign currency      
  • The prices that are valid during campaign periods can be applied at time intervals such as hour, day, month, year     
  • Creation of special sales proposals, including price, term and discount conditions for each customer     
  • Granting order confirmation according to customer risk situation      
  • Determination of order confirmation and delivery date by considering stock status      
  • Tracking completed or open orders according to product or customer      
  • Being able to reserve products for customer's name until order confirmation is given       
  • Determination of the priority order of shipment, taking into account the waiting times of orders   
  • Shipments to be made to the customer can be made collectively or for a single order according to all pending orders  
  • Pending orders can be shipped to customers in the direction of available stock quantities      
  • Stopping delivery by giving a warning if there is more or less delivery from the order  
  • Approval or blocking of orders, shipments and sales, taking into account the credit limits defined for the customer             
  • Follow-up of same and future collateral received from customers             
  • Automatic updating of statistical information such as the share of customers in the general revenue or the ratio of total debtors to total accounts                
  • Follow-up of all sales analysis in a desired currency by average exchange rate or exchange rate at the transaction date                
  • Calculation of the cost and profitability of sales made for each customer              

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